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    Need Garmin etrex 20 issue. Help?

    I need some help with my Garmin etrex 20. Recently upgraded from Etrex Vista, so I'm familiar with the GPS, just not the new model.

    Problem - I have a thumb tack symbol on my map page (waypoint? thumb tack? - it's blue). It shows a fat purple line from the thumb tack to my current location. It's bugging me, and I want it gone.

    Deleted all way points.
    Deleted all routes.
    Deleted all tracks
    Took out the SD card
    Did a factory reset.

    Thumb Nail is still on my map with a purple line to my current location.

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    your GPS is trying to route you to those coordinates. you need to stop routing. Go to "Setup" and "Routing" and look for a "stop routing" option or something similar.

    Don't tell the GPS to "go to" anything that you "find" unless you really intend to go there.

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    Try this. You need to wait until you get a definite satellite before you reset things. It can take a minute or two

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