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    my cheesy mickey mouse blackberry mount

    I don't have a smart phone or a gps unit and I'm cheap so I asked the phone lady in IT if she had any returned phones from people who had upgraded. She had a box full of Blackberries so I picked the best of the worst. It's a Blackberry Curve and I downloaded GPSLoggerII from emacberry. It works fine except for the battery life. I do have to download the gps file and convert it to .gpx before uploading to Strava. It's a hassle but not a big deal.
    Biggest problem was that I would put it in my jersey pocket and every now and then a button would get pushed accidentally and stop the logging. So I cruised through the free stock bins in manufacturing to come up with some sort of bike mount. I stuck a couple adhesive back ribbon cable clips onto the back. Put a zip tie around it to keep it from separating and then used a couple velcro straps to secure it to my stem. I've been through some rough sections and it hasn't fallen off yet. I have not had any issues with the logging either. Best part is total cost is $0.

    Atomic batteries to power...turbines to speed...

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    Nice way to scrounge out of the parts bin...nothing like a free score!

    You could also attach a small leash under the zip tie and attach it to the handlebar, if you wanted some sort of backup protection from ejection. Looks pretty solid though.


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    Nice, very innovative, and I agree with Diesel, it looks solid.

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    Thanks for sharing! I actually have an old blackberry laying around and was just thinking about getting a garmin, now I am double thinking that decision

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    Maybe see if there are any (slightly) newer batteries lying around. My BB gets 10+ hours of logging with endomondo, and that's with me also using it to call people and stuff.

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    I am going to use this solution until the Garmin goes on sale, thanks for the idea... Now I just need to hunt down some of those velcro straps and the sticky clips you used... Where did you get them? I am guessing something like Office Depot, Staples, etc...

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