I am having some difficulty getting this Strava activity into my Garmin Edge 305.

Mountain Bike Ride Profile | Twister, Kevin's, Mule Mt, Buck Hollow, down Escalator, elevator, top of wo near Redding | Times and Records | Strava

As I recall I have had success in the past either:
1) Creating a .tcx file from Strava to TCX - Export TCX files from Strava Rides , loading it into Garmin Training Center and then sending to to my Edge 305 or
2) Creating a .gpx file from Strava GPX Export - GPS files from Strava Rides, then converting the file to a .crs file at GPSies.com - GPS, Tracks, Trails, Tours, Converter Convert and then importing into Garmin Training Center and sending to my Edge 305.

Well, i'm not sure if I am doing something incorrectly or there is a problem with the file or what. Garmin TC either crashes when I import one of the files or it sends the file to my Edge and there is no data, no map, no profile, etc.

Any thoughts?

Also, this route is creating a +/- 3 Mb file and Garmin TC says it is taking up roughly 69% of the memory allocated to .crs files on the GPS. Therefore I can't load the other two routes I had wanted to because there is not enough room. Has anyone else had this problem before?