I have a navigation question for the Lezyne Super GPS:

-my understanding is that Ally v2 running on a smartphone that is paired to the Super GPS is needed for turn-by-turn navigation...

...but, I've read a couple of posts on different threads/forums that alludes you can push the route to the GPS from Ally, and run navigation without the Super GPS paired with your phone. Is this true?

I'd readily answer this myself, however my smartphone uses the old version of Android (cannot be updated) and will not run Ally v2. I'm at a crossroad deciding whether to buy a new smartphone so that I can run Ally v2 and enable the navigation functionality (either whether it's needed full-time or just to initialize the navigation), or buy a new GPS that will navigate from .gpx files without being paired to a smartphone. (I realize most of the Garmins will do this, but I prefer a GPS with 24+ hour battery life...)

Thanks in advance!