Hi All,
Just curious if others have experienced this sort of thing and other than buying a new one have come up with a solution?
I Have used my 500 with gsc10 for the last year. Device has worked awesome.
However over last few rides the speed sensor has gone wonky reading the magnet. It just doesn't consistently read the magnet. It does read the cadence magnet perfectly and accurately. I tried new battery. No change. I played with magnet on spokes thinking it had moved. No change. When I press the reset on it I can see that it always registers the cadence magnet as LED turns red. However it only sometimes will read the magnet on the spokes. Sometimes the LED will turn green. Sometimes it just kinda flickers. Other times the LED just doesn't light up. The magnet and sensor are lined up perfectly and are very close to each other. As mentioned, it has always worked great.
When I changed the battery I did notice that the gasket on the battery compartment was split and fell out. Perhaps I got some water in the device and fried it?

Any ideas?

I also tried several times removing the speed/cadence from the 500 and then re-scanning to ensure that the 500 hadn't lost the GSC10.
I think that it's just the part of the device that deals with the spoke magnet that's gone wonky.

Hit it with a hammer and get a new one?

Thanks for any advice!