I've had a Edge 305 for years and it's worked just fine but now it's time to replace it because it's not working correctly anymore.
I plan on buying a edge 500. Looked at the 800 and even the 510 & 810 but I'm sold on the 500. But......
What other options are our there that everyone else is using. I heard timex makes a unit. Does anyone else have one that is comparable to Garmin.
I would like to hear from others that have and use something other than a Garmin. And why did you buy it instead of a Garmin?

I'm looking for the basics with Heart Rate, Cadence & maybe power meter compatible. Barometric altimeter would be nice along with one that shows the temperature. Basically everything the edge 500 has. Just interested if there is anything out there other than a Garmin that I should look at.