Hey, a quick tip on the Etrex 30 regarding pairing with speed/cadence sensors; it seems as if with the latest firmware updates that the Etrex 30 "locks" onto a particular speed/cadence sensor and won't forget it, even if you ask the unit to "rescan" in the settings. Case in point: I'm currently using my Etrex 30 with my bikes, one which has a Bontrager DuoTrap, and the other which has a Garmin GSC 10. If I connect to the GSC 10 with my Etrex 30, it seems to want to stay with the GSC 10 no matter what and won't pair with the DuoTrap, even if I take out the batteries on both units to reset them. The only way to seem to get the Etrex 30 to "release" the GSC 10 is to do a hard reset back to factory settings, then pair it with the DuoTrap. Same applies vice-versa. I don't know if this universally holds true, but that's been my observation over the last month. Anyone have any comments?