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Thread: Garmin.etrex 10

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    Garmin.etrex 10

    Buddy at work said he would sell me his basically new unit for $40..wanting something to just keep me on track and back to my starting point..pretty good deal and basic unit?

    Jeremy Reed

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    pretty basic. no maps. just records and provides metrics. can follow a gpx file track, too. is that what you want?

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    Yes.trace and retrace stepsIm.thinking I should just get the 20 though. .color and I nk its more like my reg gps on phone to get me to certain addresses as well.if wanted?

    Jeremy Reed

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    Heck I can use my phone for reg gps...really just want something to track myself in and out of the woods.something durable ro mount to bars.this seems to fit the bill

    Jeremy Reed

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    Even though not officially supported, it is possible to load detailed maps from to the eTrex 10. I've found a German how-to for Linux on the internet and I'm optimistic there are solutions for Mac and Windows as well.

    Thanks to the monochrome display, the maps are very well readable on the eTrex 10 even in sunny environments. On the downside, the device's memory is quite small so the maximum area covered by these maps is limited.

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    An Etrex 10 does a far better job recording where you are and where you've been.
    GPS reception is superb compared to any smartphone.
    And waterproof.

    It is also possible to load maps on an Etrex 10, did it myself.
    Isn't rocket science either and works on Windows as well.
    What you do is replace the (useles) basemap (gmap.bmap.img) by a small part of a Garmin compatible map and write that to the Garmin folder in the Etrex 10 as gmapbmap.img. 5MB max.
    All it takes is some freeware, no extra cost, just some work.
    Al you need to do is make smaal B/W maps of the area's you ride.
    Because memory is limited, you have to keep a library on your pc and copy the right map for your ride to the 10.
    Some examples:
    GPS Photo Album - Pinkbike
    If anyone is interested I can write a short "how to".

    At the time I had an Etrex 10 and a 30.
    If it wasn't for the 30, I'dd still be using the 10.
    $40 is a steal, you can always buy a 20, 30, or any other more expensive unit.
    Belgian beer and Scotch whisky.

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