On my last two rides I used the turn-by-turn directions feature on this device. I have the City Navigator maps on micro CD. The device has the latest firmware: v2.2.1.

I have created routes using Delorme Street Atlas and transferred the exported gpx files to the 705. Then use the route, choosing it with the Where To||Saved Rides feature.

It seems that if I miss a turn, even for by few hundred feet, and then double back to get back on course the remaining route is recalculated and only generally follows my plan as stored in the gpx file that I downloaded to the device. The new route that it creates is sometimes pretty bizzaar; in fact the first one that it recalculated resembled a large capital letter "E"!

I did not follow the remainder of that course.

So, I would like to know if someone could point out certain settings that would force the 705 to use the route that I provide it, or if I need to say provide more waypoints in the route that I design in StreetAtlas?

Any ideas please?