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Thread: Edge 705 Newbie

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    Edge 705 Newbie


    I just treceived my Edge 705 from Geo man the other day. Man he got it too me fast.

    I bought the HR and cadence/speed sensor and city map. I have two focuses that I would like to use the system for: Mapping out rides and trails and keeping exercise files (kind of what the system is designed for huh).

    Any input here is greatly appreciatd


    1)Do I need a seperate memory card for storing topos and logging the rides?

    2)What are the resources online (preferably free) for downloading topos?

    3)What online resources are good for uploading/downloading rides?

    4)How's that Garmin community thing?

    We hope to start a tri-county group and website for rides in the mountains of WV. Any help on the above questions and/or suggestions is greatly appreciated. On a side note, it was cool this past weekend using it on my flight to/back Salt Lake City. You should try it.
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    1 - not needed, but highly recommended. Sometimes you need separate locations to upload different maps so you can toggle between them.

    2 -

    3 - Garmin connect, motionbased, mtbguru, gpsladders, Google will tell you hundreds more

    4 - dunno, this is much better, IMNSHO

    By the way, all these answers have been discussed in great detail in this forum in the last week. I have typed all the answers above many times. Do not be afraid to scroll down in the forum and read and read and read. Also the search function here works well.

    Enjoy your great new fitness and navigation tool.
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    +1 for this forum content...I converted to Garmin 705 from Cateye/Topeak/Polar last month myself...I have to say I am impressed...not only with the equipment, but the knowledge on this board.

    I think I learned something new yesterday...I thought I had to resync speed/cadence every time I switched bikes (I had to the first couple of times), but apparently my 705 has learned which sensor pairs with which bike profile. Can this be correct?

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