I'm curious if anyone can clue me into what I'm doing wrong here or if my unit is just goofy.

I went on a ride, everything looks great on the unit, shows all of my stats etc.

I download the track to Garmin Connect later and it shows the right summary data, and even a long list of splits, but the actual track only shows the last 42 miles of a 104 mile MTB ride. I exported the track to TopoFusion and it doesn't pick anything else up outside what Connect did.

It is set to auto start/stop and 1 sec recording as a good portion of the ride was singletrack. Where it cuts "on" doesn't coincide with a long break or anything that I can remember that was odd or would have caused the unit to trun off etc. Once we started I didn't touch it until the very end to End the track and turn it off.

Something I'm missing? I've done toher long rides up to 65 miles without issue.

I guess it doesn't really matter but I'd like to be able to look at all of the track as well as accurate climbing data etc.

Thanks in advance!!