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    Edge 305 Cadence Problems

    Tonight, the Garmin went gaga on me. It would register RPM's if I was out of the saddle, but once I sat down to spin, it went to 0 RPMS. I went into the accessories, and started the cadence scan several times with no luck.

    Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them?


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    I've had something similar...

    Have you checked the battery? With sitting and spinning, you're usually at a lower crank speed than when you stand and hammer. If the battery is getting really close to dead, the added zip of stand and mash might register (faster crank arm = more signal for the sensor), but the sit and spin might not.

    I'd suggest swapping the batt and re-setting the sensor.
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    Pedalling hard maybe twists your crank to the point it gets closer to the sensor. I'd ensure your cranks are tight, then re-adjust the magnets. Possiblity you pedaled so hard one time that your crank actually contacted the apparatus and moved it.

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