• 01-07-2013
    Easy GPS sending issues to Garmin Legend HCx

    Not sure if I can get help here.

    I have a Garmin Legend HCx that I use to track my rides. I can get my tracks to a folder on my laptop okay, but am having problems sending them back to the GPS. If I send it, I don't see it in saved tracks, but the track log bar at the top of the listing of saved tracks grows. I can't figure out how to find them at this point. This happens with GPX files from Geoladders.com.

    I am using EasyGPS on my laptop. The GPS is not using the micro SD card. I have 20 tracks that can be saved.


  • 01-08-2013
    I'd bet they are winding up in your active log. Have you tried sending the same files using another program like mapsource?