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    combining GPX files

    So on a recent ride I accidentally ended and started a new ride on my Garmin. I'm trying to figure out how to combine them in textedit (MAC) and upload them to strava but I either get a "duplicate file" error or an "incorrect format". I'm sure I'm not copying/pasting correctly. Anyone care to help?


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    combining GPX files

    Many programs have utilities that handle this easily. I use Topofusion on my pc for this regularly. For mac try Ascent or Rubitrack

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    Open the second half GPX file in your editor and copy everything including and after the first text. Open the first half GPX and paste what you just copied, replacing the text at the end of the file.

    That should do what you are wanting to do. Just make sure you only have 1 set of the at the end and there aren't 2 of the at the beginning of the pasted text.

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    You can combine multiple gps files using
    Atomic batteries to power...turbines to speed...

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