Best Iphone 4s Mount?

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  • 10-01-2012
    I have a BioLogic mount for my iPhone 4s and I would not recommend it for use with a mountain bike if you're doing any kind of rocky downhills. I couldn't get it to stay in place on bumpy terrain. :( I tightened it as much as I could, but the case always slipped around my handlebars. Now it sits forlorn in my box of unused bike equipment.
  • 10-01-2012
    Looking forward to Rokform's new v3 RokShield case for the iPhone 5. Looks like the perfect combo. It has a screen shield/bumper you can take on and off for added protection. I'm hoping it's good enough to ride in a light rain on my commute.
  • 10-14-2012
    I've owned the Rokform for a few months and LOVE the design. That said, use the lanyard! I got cocky and took it off for convenience - it looks a little goofy off the bike - and rode with the little plastic clip to keep the case together. I endo'd around an off-camber, sandy bank and lost my phone for about 30 minutes, when I finally found it buried 2 feet away from my bike. The tiny plastic clip failed, the case came apart, and my phone left the bike. The upper part of the case was still attached to the mount, funny enough.

    This would not have happened if I had used the lanyard, as explicitly instructed to by Rokform, so I can't really fault them.
  • 12-11-2012
    I too love the rokform. Unfortunately I do not enjoy buying a new iPhone every two weeks because the design of the case holds sweat for days in an area that shorts out the main control button.
    Try it out for yourself - it's really neat how two drops of sweat will ruin a brand new iPhone after 1 ride. The bottom clip on part really does an amazing job of holding water! Kinda makes you feel like an intelligent computer geek when your phone starts cycling through all your apps and calls your buds who live in different time zones an you think to yourself " I put ths new case on a week ago and had a great 45 min man bke ride - I'll take the case off and Walla! Water pours out!
    Luckily, apple will replace a water damaged phone for only 200 bucks - well worth the cool points for having your 500 dollar phone mounted right under you head on the stem.

    So for about 400 bucks a month I highly recommend this product:thumbsup:
  • 12-11-2012
    lol...I can feel your frustration seeping through my computer screen. I've had a Rokform for my iPhone4 and now for my 5 for a combined year and a half or so and I haven't had that issue. I don't drip sweat unless its really, really hot, though.
  • 12-16-2012
    I have the Zixtro, had zero issues in well over 6mths use just search ebay for Zixtro as I can't post links.
  • 03-23-2013
    Best Iphone 4s Mount?
    I also use the life proof case and bike mount. Waterproof works as advertised and mount us good as well.
  • 05-01-2013
    I would check out the iClam, its a pretty cool damage proof and waterproof iphone 4 case that comes with multiple mounts. I have one and love it! You can check it out at iClam Extreme - The One Stop Shop for all us Adrenaline Junkies!iClam Extreme | The World's Most Versatile iPhone Case. Hope this helps!
  • 05-26-2013
    I'm a big fan of RAM mounts. I've been using them for about 12 years in my car and on my bikes. I currently use it to mount a GPSMAP62 to my stem. I used to have a slightly larger 'ball and socket' type to mount a Magellan Meridium to handlebars. They seem to have strong mounts able to mount just about anything to about anything.

    RAM Bicycle Mounts
  • 05-27-2013
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    Not exactly a mount, but I've been curious about how one of these might work out for mountain biking. It's a Nike+ forearm sleeve

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  • 06-15-2013

    Originally Posted by Mazukea View Post
    Lifeproof FTW....they only make cases for the iphone. It's waterproof, dirtproof, shockproof, etc. I made a couple of underwater videos. That's how great this case is. Plus you can get one from Amazon for about $60. I just ordered the bike mount for it.

    Did you get the bar or stem mount? How does it do on rough trails?
    Thanks :)
  • 06-15-2013
    i have the lifeproof bike mount and it works great.

    i took a pretty good fall with my iphone 5 mounted in the bike mount and it did great!

    i do a loop around my house, approx 6 miles with road, horse trails and rocks and stones and the phone mount holds it in place.

  • 09-01-2013
    A DuB
    I was in Walmart and saw this mount. I gave it a shot and it seems to work well so far, especially at its 20$ price. Water proof and fits iPhone 4 and 5

    Zefal Smartphone Holder for I5/I4: Bikes & Riding Toys :
  • 09-16-2013
    A DuB
    The Zefal mount just broke. I no longer recommend it
  • 09-16-2013
    I'm really digging the topeak mount on my road/rando rides and xc but for gnarlier trails I don't think it's enough protection around the phone since the bike can occasionally end up in unintended places.

    Topeak Ridecase Iphone Holder > Accessories > Bags > Phone Case | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop
  • 09-17-2013
    I picked up a Quadlock case, and it does what I need, and it is easily removed from the bike if you want to. And they aren't that expensive.