I use the GPS on my smartphone to record my rides on Strava. I know it's not as accurate as a dedicated GPS, but it works for me.

Until recently, the phone I used was a Motorola Triumph. To get a satellite fix, I needed go to leave my house, go to a fairly open-sky spot two blocks away, and stand there, often for several minutes. If I forgot and tried to get a fix in or even next to the woods, no dice.

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S3. What a difference. Now I can get a lock inside my house. Takes about 10 seconds. On the sidewalk in front of my house, where my old phone couldn't get a fix at all, it takes a couple seconds. Fixing my location in the woods is a snap. It's night and day.

I haven't paid much attention yet to whether my new phone is more accurate during rides, too. I suspect it is.

When I got my new phone, I was hoping it would be better for GPS, but I hadn't seen anything concrete about it. So thought I'd post up. I suspect I'm not the only one to notice this sort of difference between phones.