• 01-28-2013

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    I described my prejudice, initial reaction to Giant due to the brand image they give me, which is of course personal thing. Slightly exaggerated, but not much. I still find the webpage fast working, due to lack of unnecessary flash elements etc, but the information is not very clearly and logically placed, it looks like a generic, cheap site, and this is one thing where my taste can actually have some value. The other problem areas are inaccuracy and incompleteness of geometry chart(s) and especially the use of non-sense, big words that are supposed to impress the customer somehow. They also don't reason their designs well (maybe because there isn't distinct design goal, just goal to make a generally good bike?).

    To me they give very cheap image in all possible ways, but perhaps that's what they are going for? Works for their target market? I don't know. It took me some time to realize they have my bike. I like their bike design(s), I hope you understand this part before getting into the bandwagon again.

    Horro, you a marketers dream mate, A companies website is the absolute last thing i think about when judging a bike.

  • 01-28-2013
    When I was buying, I went to my LBS, looked at the Specialized, Giants, Scotts and Treks in my price range and test rode them.

    Didn't even go to the website until weeks after I had my bike and started considering upgrades so I could compare stock specs to what I wanted to change.
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    I will agree that the site could be more informational, but other sites that appear to have more info also really have a heap of fluff. Everyone that really know giants already knows all about the maestro. Since the trance x did what they said it does, I didn't look at another giant until they made a tx 29er. They explained what they did to the 29er to make it "work", I trusted them and bought one without a test ride after testing the trek rf. I did not make a mistake. The hate is lost on me.
  • 01-28-2013
    Satanic Pizza
    Horros -- your statements are awash in hypocrisy and irony; you say Giant uses big flashy words to sell their product, implying that people who buy Giants are probably being bamboozled and then say other companies doing the same to you with visuals and impressive fake scientific charts or diagrams/whatnots aren't, and that is why you, who self professed has the creamiest of the creamy high class tastes, think they are better brands. (I'd just stop)

    Une Classique.
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    My apologies, I'll stop here then.