Just did a trip to Wistler on my Reign X1.

Long story short, I aired out the Drop-In clinic roller to near bottom and had some massive compression! and fun

Upper rocker bearings were both shot and flopping around by the bottom of the run.

I should have actually cought this earlier, as the back end felt like it had a sloppy shock bushing when lifting it up. Turned out to be the bearings starting to go out. It was like that at the beggining of a weekend at whistler, so they took A LOT of abuse before finally giving out.

Bike is an 08 RX1 and around 10 months old. Took a whole winter of freeriding and clumbsy abuse (I like side loading the rear end all over the place).

I don't really feel like having to replace them now is TOO unreasonable.

Just a heads up to anyone else using one for DH/FR. You should replace all of the bearings even before they break at around every 6-10months of hard riding.

Other than that, the RX1 was stupidly amazing up at Whistler with the 66rc3 up front. Absolutely kills the double back steeps.