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    New question here. Warranty or not ?

    I bought a Giant Roam 1 2013 model last year for ~500. I use it to cycle to work every day ~20 minutes each way. My previous bike a Viking cost only 200. Had it for 3 years, but felt its getting old and wanted to buy something 'a bit more higher quality'.

    After a few months I noticed the free wheel hub was getting stuck every so often when i stopped cycling, causing the chain to hit against the frame before it was released and free wheeled.

    So I took it back to the shop for fixing. He said due to the amount of dirt on the bike it wont be warranty. He did say he re stacked the bearings in the back wheel and greased it all up a bit. But its still happening.

    I've never needed to keep a bike constantly clean, or had this issue before with any of my bikes.

    Now, 2 months on, the back wheel is loose. as if the bearings in the back wheel are lose and my next step is again to take it back to the shop and try and get them to fix it.

    Now reverted to my trusty Viking for cycling to work.

    The free wheel thing is getting annoying. Do you think I should request them to send it back to Giant for Warranty. Seems they are reluctant to take on any costing involved in the issue.

    Do you think its an issue with the back wheel and needs replacing ?

    My alternative is to just to burden some cost and just buy a new back wheel myself.

    Thanks for any advice about this.

    - Ox.

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    Well a few things here:

    1st, the Roam rear hub is not high quality and needs to be maintained, especially in high mileage situations.

    2nd, commuting is definitely high mileage, and is easily the easiest way to get a bike nasty dirty.

    3rd, it's your responsiblity to clean and maintain your bike, lack of maintenance does not mean a failure is a warranty issue.

    4th, Giants warranty on parts is only a year, not sure how close you are on that.

    Overall, I probably wouldn't consider it a warranty, just neglect and wear and tear. You'd be better off upgrading to a better hub that is up for the demands you are putting on your bike.

    Oh, and clean and lube your bike every now and then. Your bike will appreciate it.
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    Another angle - many cheap freehubs are not designed to be serviceable. Paul Morningstar used to make a tool called a 'Freehub Buddy' which was designed to allow flush lubing of the freehub without disassembling it (eg Shimano freehubs). Aside from hubs like DT and Hope which just pop-off to allow re-greasing of the pawls, the best you can do is drip some oil into the outer freehub bearing and hope it makes it into the body. Leaving the wheel on a flat surface for a while might help. Don't use too heavy viscosity oil or it may become worse...

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    Silentfoe nailed it. You need to bite the bullet and upgrade to a good hub.

    Everyone's commute is different. If I commuted via bike (it would be suicide here) about three times a year I'd end up covered in mud even though I'd be on paved roads the whole time - it's the farmers.

    Even my mountain bikes, which I don't ride in mud, by the way, I clean at least once a week in the summer, and once a month in the winter. It's also the easiest way to find problems before they turn into something that can't be fixed.

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    That your old hub worked for as long as it did was luck of the draw.

    We are accustomed to a lot more maintenance on our bikes because we ride in dirt. Lack of maintenance and cleaning destroys stuff.

    I volunteer to work on bikes on Bike to Work Day and the lack of maintenance on road-used bikes, on average, is appalling. If you came to one of our Gala Group Trail rides which draw up to 90 people you would see far cleaner and better-maintained bikes.

    20 minutes a day may be 30-40 miles a week and nearly 2000 a year. That is a good season of use for many riders. A bike used like that should have seen thoughtful maintenance at least 5-6 times and cleaning much more often. Regular cleaning exposes lots of wear and tear and keeps you on top things.

    Get yourself a new hub or wheel. Now you have learned a lesson. Start taking care of your machine a bit more. It can be a fun part of the sport and keep you safe and comfortable on your commute.
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