• 11-20-2012
    Trance X Budget Build (2011 frame) - speccing parts

    Getting some parts together for my build and was wondering if you could impart your wisdom on me to help me get the right parts to make sure it all fits.

    I am trying to do it all on a budget, so I appreciate there are some parts you might not have chosen if it were your bike, but I am using a selection of available parts and stuff I can pick up cheaply.

    I have the following:

    frame, as per the title
    mavic crossride wheels from my hardtail (QR pair due to budget) - please can someone confirm the frame accepts a normal QR rear wheel axle?
    fork - Coil dual position Sektor with QR drop outs and 1 1/8 steerer, again due to budget
    FSA headset spacer to fit 1 1/8 fork
    deore cranks
    70mm stem
    720mm low rise bars
    XT 9 speed rear mech
    SRAM 9 speed cassette

    Parts I need are:

    front mech - please can anyone confirm which type (top, bottom swing etc) I need to go for? There seem to be loads of different options. Diameter?
    brakes - probably going for Deore, seem good for the money
    seat post - please may someone confirm diameter and any recommendations?
    seat - probably being dull and going for a fizik gobi as it works on my other bike and fits my weird shaped bum
    shifters - chain reaction cycles have xt 9 speed going cheapish, deore even cheaper
    Bottom bracket - is a BB91 the right model?

    Any help much appreciated, might have time over christmas to build it up.
  • 11-21-2012
    The frame is a qr 135mm rear
    I cannot speak for the front der. just never really checked it out, cable does come from the top?
    The BB is actually a BB30, I think you can find adaptors out there to fit the usual size cranks, I do not have much experience with the BB30
    Seat post diam. is 30.9

    What travel is your RS Secktor?? The Trance is stock with a 125mm fork but a lot of us have changed that out for a 140mm or even a 150mm. It makes the bike a lot better, more slack and fun to ride. Climbing is a little awkward, but once you figure out body position it is not bad at all.
  • 11-21-2012
    batts65 got the qr rear, the BB, the seat post right.

    The front derailleur needs to be a low clamp ST mount, not high clamp. Pulls from top. Found out when I went to build up my new frame a few months ago.

    The FD thing messed up my budget swap [of admittedly bling-ey custom parts]. Ordered Homebrewed Components spiderless, BIG mistake. Didn't read recent reviews. Lost $60. DO NOT order from him. Ordered an MRP Bling Ring. Couldn't be happier. Go 1x9 if you can, perfect for steep east coast technical AM and "budget".

    Have my Rev's at 130mm and might bump to 140mm. The extra axle-crown over the Fox's should give it a 68.5 HA, although my angle reader app is saying 67.5...? Angleset shortly. Wanted a short travel ripper similar to a Banshee spitfire but bushing issues scared me. Went Trance. Happy grins.
  • 11-21-2012
    Thanks both.

    The Sektors are 120 to 150 mm travel. I had read a lot of comments saying the trance x worked well with a longer fork. Could not afford a fox fork though, which seemed to the most popular 140 mm option.

    I had thought about going 1 x 9, but the parts seemed more expensive. Instead of regular cranks and triple chain ring with two shifters and a front mech, I would need a chain guide or bashing combination and the single shifter. I would save on the shifter and front mech, but lose out on needing to get a chain guide/bashring.The other problem is that there are no tabs to mount a chain guide on. Please let me know if I am being a dumb ass and there is a cheaper and or easier way to make it work?
  • 11-21-2012
    Missed that you didn't have a rear shifter. You can run a seat tube mount guide...but that's not budget. Unless you scrap one together from older derailleurs/etc. Sounds like 2/3x9 would be cheaper if all you need are shifters and a FD. Could run a 2x9 setup with a cheap bash, unless you really like your big ring.

    I'm happy with my Revelation. Had a Talas in the past - yuk. Try your Sektors at 130 and feel them out. 140 if you want more. I climb plenty of technical boulder hopping-jumping-skipping lines without feeling the front end wandering.