I'm curious if anybody has tried this and has anything to report.

Can the TX with its goofy 7.25x1.75 shock is actually a possible mixed blessing.

A 6.5x1.5 shock will slacken out the headtube by maybe .5-.75* and drop the BB .25-.5" at the expense of .7" of rear wheel travel. The resulting 4.3" gives a touch more than the Anthem X, and slacker angles can give it a more relaxed feel and more downhill poise. Perhaps those who cannot decide between the 2 can have this option to explore also, while also being able to 'convert' back to a regular 5" Tx at the switch of a shock.

I have read about those who have used a 7.5x2.0 shock to squeeze out 5.7". The Tx platform can seemingly be quite versatile.