So I recently had a rear shock issue on my two month-old X1 whereby oil was puddling around the o-ring. My lbs mechanic thought it warranted a send-off to Fox and felt it was a little excessive. I just got it back after about 10 days and man does it ride nice. Night and day. I even compressed it in the bike shop with my forearm and it felt noticeably different, but today on a ride the thing was butter. I never went in to D mode instead staying in T and it was really good.

From what I was told, Fox put in new seals and changed some C-T-D valving internals. The blue lever used to feel sloppy when I switched modes but now it's a very crisp-feeling switch between CTD. Something changed, and the performance was quite noticeable. Just thought I'd throw this experience out there in case someone is experiencing a similar situation.

Kudos to Fox Racing Shocks for taking care of this customer.