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    Trance rear thru axle coming loose

    Has anyone found that the rear axle on their trance loosens up during a ride? Iíve noticed mine (Trance 1) come loose a couple of times and Iíve spoken to mates with an advanced 1 and a Reign and theyíve found theirs has come loose as well.
    Iíve been tightening mine pretty firmly after putting a light coat of grease on the whole axle. Last night it had backed off enough for the chain to drop down the side of the 11 tooth cog because the shifting was out. Iím not really sure why it should be coming loose at all but I might start putting some Loctite 222 on it just to be safe.

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    I had a similar issue, I just really tightened the hell out of it and it hasn't come loose since. You might try some blue loctite.

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    You are not alone.

    See these threads:

    Replacement for RWS rear 142x12 skewer?

    Thru-axle is slipping, must tighten each ride

    We've been suggesting use of "blue RTV Silicone" as it is a product that remains flexible and is still effective after multiple removals of the axle. It's a better product than loctite for this application.

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    same here, mine come loose too after only two rides. Compared to are Syntace X12 the axle is shit (as are the dropouts) because its thread pitch is simply too high. I wish I could meet the Giant engineer who's reponsible for this mess. I tightened it and used some loctite 243 and it has stayed in place since then.

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    Derailleur issue might be related to it's bolt coming loose. It happened to me several times so I used some blue loctite and it's been fine since.

    As for the rear axle, you just need to clean and tighten it firmly and it will stay put. Don't grease it because grease can get to threads and cause it to slip.

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