So just got back from my fantastic LBS with this gem for the little lady. Its a graduation gift for receiving her Master of the Fine Arts degree in Dramatic Media from UGA. Plus her old bike is rather long in the tooth, and this will be much better suited to tagging along with me out on the trails. I think she's pretty happy.

Brand new Tempt 27.5 size M, bone stock so far. Will upgrade the fork via suntour when that time comes. The bike looks a lot better in person than online. There is a lot more going on than the boring black seen in the stock photo. There are very vibrant metallic purple branding and graphics, more silver graphics than photos suggest, a modest amount of sparkle flake in the paint, and even super cool touches like anodized purple derailleur hanger and bolts, it even comes with an incredibell! The bike is frakking cool, kind of wish my Trance looked as neat, lots of little custom touches that tie it all together. One other point of note, the bike came (to me anyway) with SRAM X5 in the rear instead of the listed Acera, not that I am complaining. I don't know if the full production run will be wearing so don't hold me to that spec. As far as I know the owner did me a solid and threw an upgrade on he had laying around, I'll have to ask him. Anywho, here's a couple pics of the new model. Sorry they are kinda crumby, took them in a hurry so we can eat a quick bite and go for a quick ride before dark!

In case you were wondering about that awesome LBS I mentioned, it's Sunshine Cycles here in Athens GA. I have bought three bikes there in the past year ranging from $250 on up to the Trance X2, and have received nothing but top notch service and fair prices. I'm a hard customer to please and they have done it well.