OK so this was my first nice bike I bought I did not buy it new but to me it was nice and it cost more than a WalMart Bike. I road it for few years but was a newlywed with little times on my hands to ride much or do anything to the bike. The bike was in great shape complete as it was the day Giant put it together. I have been taking out on the trails a few times recently just to get a feel for it and I definitely like my GF Paragon 29er more but this is a nice ride never the less. It will be my backup or extra bike for a "Trusted" friend to ride if he wants to join me on a adventure. Below is a link to the stock components I am adding a set of Juicy 7 Hyd brakes to her a newer factory set of Giant wheels I got off of Craig's List the original wheels are not rotor friendly. Upgrading the front dérailleur to a Shimano XT M750 to match whats on the back which I have never had any troubles with but the stuff they put on the front was crap. I have a new RaceFace Team XC 22/32/44t chain ring set to go on her the old RaceFace Prodigy middle ring was beat to hell for some reason and new chain of course. Have not decided on a rear cassette yet. I have a RaceFace Ride XC Seat-post as well because the old one was just ugly and cheap looking. Want to upgrade the sad Judy C fork on the front but have not come across a good deal yet. My bike looks just like the one on the link below now you just have add a few nicks and scratches to it . Will update with pics as I go. And just to remind everyone I am not using the best of the best parts I know but this is really just a project for me to get my hands dirty and kind of semi build my first bike and it will only be a back up/loaner bike before you decide to criticize my upgrade choices.

2001 Giant XTC SE 2 - BikePedia