So. I dont know what the deal is but the rear end on my X feels harsh. Its seems that it is not very responsive to small to medium chatter and just feels dead. I have a pushed Monarch RC3 Plus that is supposedly tuned for the bike. I have tried the recommended air pressure and settings and have experimented tuning every which way.
I just had my Lyrik rebuilt and that feels great. I even put my coil shock back on and it rides the same way.
I haven't ridden the RX in a while as I have been in love with my new Yeti ASR5c and have been riding that exclusively for sometime now. I broke out the RX about a month ago and noticed how harsh it rode compared to the Yeti on the same trails. I have to say the Yeti takes hits better and rides smoother than RX does at the moment.

I'm not sure if there is something wrong or its just the Yeti rides better. I used to love the RX and remember it riding better than it does right now. The only change I made was I went from a 34 tooth ring to a 32 up front. Not sure if this is effecting its performance.

The swing arm moves freely without the shock.

The Monarch seems to be functioning fine as it should. I only had about 3 months of riding on it before I got the Yeti so I wouldn't imagine it needs rebuilt already. And again. It rides just as harsh with the coil.

I am just baffled as to why the RX is riding like sh!t. Any insight would be appreciated. I am considering selling it.