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    Recommendations for reliable tube for my Anthem X 29er?

    I recently got an Anthem X 4 (love it!) 29er and it came with Racing Ralph tires. Can anyone recommend a good tube to keep on hand for this bike? I am NOT a weight weenie and I'm most concerned with reliability and puncture/flat resistance. Thank you!

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    Re: Recommendations for reliable tube for my Anthem X 29er?

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    I'm not sure what wheels came on your 4, but if they happen to be the SXC-2 wheels, you can go tubeless with them. Although Giant doesn't rate them for tubeless use, you can remove the stock rim tape, and put some Stan's tape on them, throw tires and tubes back on and pump them up to ~40 psi, and leave them for 24 hours to make sure the tape is seated well. Then you just go about taking the tubes out, putting sealant in your tires, and mounting them as per Stan's instructions. I had good luck with my RaRa's mounting tubeless, and when they were used up I switched to Maxis tires, and they work well also. No more punctures.

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    RE: Recommendations for reliable tube for my Anthem X 29er?

    DH tubes are more robust but not sure of their availability in 29er.
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    Have the stock giant tubes in my trance with sxc rims. Been running them as low as 30 psi with no punctures or pinches yet. Biggest drop they've seen is only about 3 feet tho

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    Any tube if properly inflated should do, if you ride on a thorn infested area liners or tubeless will do a better job.

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    Recommendations for reliable tube for my Anthem X 29er?

    Another vote for a tubeless conversion. Although other tires may prove more reliable. Schwalbe tires are light and work well but if you are looking for durability and no flats choose a tubeless rated tire.

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