My 2011 Trance-X - press-fit BB, no tabs. single ring setup. The bash/cut down XCX guide has been working very well - no chain dropping, but it's still very noisy with the chain bouncing around. Even with a very well padded chainstay, short cage rear, short as possible chain.

You need a Pivot Cycles ISCG-05 adapter, MSRP $68.

(pictured here- Pinkbike Product Picks - )

Picked up mine from a local Pivot dealer, took about a week to get here.

A Dremel tool with various cut off and grinder wheels, and files. Or files and a lot of time and patience. Hacksaw may help here and there as well. I used all those.

Obviously you want to cut things to not mess with the linkages, and where it'll sit next to the BB shell/DT welds. Cut/test fit/cut/test fit/cut/test fit repeat until done. The I.D. of the mount clamp is roughly 2mm larger than the O.D. of the BB shell - you've got to take off that material. I just went slowly to keep things round-ish and smooth. Nothing to gouge into the shell.

It's rough, but works. I'm going to ride it a bit, then clean the mount up a bit. just got it done enough to not have any sharp and pointy bits. Cycled everything with the shock off, no interference/rubbing/noises. Works beautifully. Caveat: I'd not run a taco bash style guide, but for a simple lower roller/upper guide setup with or without a bash-ring, it ought to work fine.

Currently using it with a 31T ring and bash from Homebrewed Components, a high mount e.13 XCX upper guide cut down to fit the bash, and a cut down Blackspire Stinger lower roller guide leftover from another project.

You may need to trim granny tabs off your crank, or bits off whatever guide you try to use. Not sure what may fit or not, YMMV. Obviously you run the risk of warranty voidance if you mess things up and break the linkage or other frame bits, etc. I'd not use it with a taco-bash style of guide - the mount is small, and the area holding thins on is not huge. Enough that it seems fine with a roller setup, but I'm not sure how things would hold up with a bash setup - particularly smacking all that energy from a hit into the BB shell.

If it proves workable in the long term, will likely pick up a singe use specific guide - I've got a Straitline Silent guide 32T specific on my Reign-X that I love, would likely do something similar here.

Local trails are super wet and muddy right now, but I bounced around the neighborhood, trying like mad to get the thing to derail - couldn't do it. It's also super, super quiet.


Possibly spendy in addition to the cost of whatever guide bits you go with, but hell, it works.