Post your hardtail Giants

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  • 07-06-2006
    Post your hardtail Giants
    If you have a hard tail Giant, show it some love by posting its pics and specs :thumbsup:
  • 07-07-2006
    damn no ht giant riders in here with camera's
  • 07-07-2006
    Meh, give me a bit, I'll put up a pic or two of mine in a day or so ;)
  • 07-08-2006
    here is my frist bike

    but this is my love

  • 07-09-2006
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    Here's my rig.
    Hey, i had heaps of trouble getting my pic up. This is my Australian 2006 XtC3. All stock, except for WTB Velociraptor tyres, cateye wireless computer and i cut down the massive handle bars, bloody hell they were huge!
  • 07-09-2006
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    I sold the frame a few weeks ago - but here is my XTC2 in 3 different forms...
  • 07-10-2006
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    There you go.
  • 07-15-2006
    Got mine a week ago here in Tuscaloosa, AL. Loving it! :thumbsup:

  • 07-17-2006
    Here's my Rainier. Pic was the day after I got it about 6 weeks ago. It's a bit dirtier now, and missing the reflectors. Great bike!

  • 07-18-2006
    I really like the look of the Rainier TnGreg:thumbsup: :thumbsup: ! Nice cross between a Reign and a dirtjump bike :D !
  • 07-18-2006
    I had one, but it broke. :(
  • 07-28-2006
  • 01-10-2007

  • 01-11-2007
    i'll post up next week, when the alu XTC'07 build is finished.
    Can't wait...
  • 01-11-2007
    Ill post up my 06XTC soon..its all pimped up for race season :)
  • 01-11-2007
    kick ass i forgot i ever posted this theard keepem coming and maybe i will get off my lazy rear and post mine
  • 01-23-2007
    A couple of pics..


    I've upgraded a lot, and the next upgrade is very soon.... (New wheelset), i busted the stock ones up big time.

    2005 Giant Yukon.

    Fork: RockShox Duke XC,
    Brakes: Avid BB7's with Avid FR-5 levers and Jagwire cable and housings.
    Grips: Oury grips,
    Tyres: Maxxis Ignitors/Kenda Nevegals,
    Pedals: DMR V8 pedals,
    Stem: Kore B1B stem,
    Headset: CaneCreek S-8 headset with sealed bearings.
  • 01-24-2007
    Just finished building her up. Need to suss out cable routing etc a little better but she's pretty much done.

  • 01-24-2007

    Originally Posted by Smidge
    Just finished building her up. Need to suss out cable routing etc a little better but she's pretty much done.

    Beautifull, what's the weight?
  • 01-25-2007
    Killer Bee
  • 01-25-2007

    Originally Posted by wannabeRacer
    Beautifull, what's the weight?

    It came it at 21.2lbs. Not bad in my book.

    Here's a pic of her out in the recent Snow fall we had

  • 01-25-2007
    Thats a Hot Bike for sure

    if someone will fill me in on posting pics i will post some pics of my giant hardtail
  • 01-26-2007
  • 01-26-2007
    possible sticky material here ???????
  • 02-05-2007
    Here's my '07 Talon before it got all the mud and gravel all over it:

    It's too much effort to keep clean :( I know I'm gonna regret it, but meh. I only want this one to last me 2-3 years. By that time I'll look at a 2010 XTC or equivelant.
  • 02-18-2007
    I previously had a Jamis Dakota...........But I love this XTC...

  • 02-23-2007
    Wot??? NO STP's! Cmon guys...

    STP Lurve....
  • 02-23-2007
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    Originally Posted by Chuckie
    Wot??? NO STP's! Cmon guys...

    STP Lurve....

  • 03-04-2007
    My New Hardtail
    Giant Boulder SE before first ride

    First ride was amazing on this bike, difference was like night and day from my old wal-mart brand bike. Way to go Giant! :)
  • 03-04-2007
  • 03-08-2007
    Sorry no pics. I don't normally post on the Giant Forum, but I have always liked the XTC hardtail. I think the marketing geek who decided to discontinue the XTC line in the USA is an idiot. I just cannot warm up to the new hardtail design. I guess others didn't either since it looks like Giant redesigned its USA hardtails again for 2007. Just bring back the XTC lineup to the US, just as they have it in Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. Sorry for the thread jack.
  • 03-18-2007
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    Another "STP"

    Attachment 244059
  • 03-19-2007
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    My XtC Team/s
    My very first post here, cheers. :)
  • 03-20-2007
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    Here's mine...
  • 03-20-2007
    Great rides everyone... Here's my 05' XTC2 "race-bike"...

    XTC2 Carbon Frame
    Fox F80 RL fork
    Race Face Dues XC carbon seatpost
    Race Face lock-on grips
    Easton 120mm magnesium stem
    Easton EC-70 carbon flat bars
    Shimano XTR hydro brakes
    Shimano XTR pedals
    Shimano XT crank and BB
    Shimano XT front d
    Shimano XT cassette
    SRAM xo trigger shifters
    SRAM xo rear d
    Crossmax SL's

    With the big tires pictured, it's at 22.5 lbs. With my current dry conditions 'racing' tires, it sits at 21.78 pounds.
  • 03-21-2007
    Your XTC is Fantastic! Awesome looking ride!
  • 03-21-2007
    I second that Dantastic! great setup! love the wheelsets! wish i had one.

    edm747 - i think an STP or a Boulder frame would be better for the fork and 8 inch rotors you got up front. the XtC is a race/XC frame not a DJ/DH frame. just my .02
  • 03-21-2007

    Originally Posted by xctofi
    edm747 - i think an STP or a Boulder frame would be better for the fork and 8 inch rotors you got up front. the XtC is a race/XC frame not a DJ/DH frame. just my .02

    Yes, I know. That's why I got an XtC frame, to do some XCR riding. I just salvaged that front end from my old set-up which I had to let go off. My XC700 is on back-order, so instead of waiting for it, I just slapped in the old front first. :D Thanks for the heads-up though xctofi. :thumbsup:

    Oh btw, the 8" rotor stays, even for XCR duties. I'd gladly sacrifice a little more weight just to have the better feel and brake modulation I wanted, that the bigger rotor gives. But that's just me, thinking out loud. :D
  • 03-21-2007
    Dedicated race bike. 04 hybrid(carbon stays). Frame was bought cheap off Ebay 2 seasons ago. Been an awesome race bike. No plans to replace it.

    19lb 14oz as shown.

    3lb 32mm Noleen fork. Stans Olympic wheels(yellow tape and sealant only). Stans rotor with ti rotorbolts. Formula B4Pros with all alum hardware. Extralite post. Flite TT. MaxM MX5 carbon bar. Syntace F99 stem. Foam grips. Action Tec titanium taper square BB, ti crankbolts, RF Next LP carbon/alum cranks w/ 42-30-22 5 bolt compacts w/ alum hardware. Twin Ti Eggs. XTR11-34. XTR RD/FD. XTR chain. 100% ti/alum hardware.

  • 03-21-2007
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    Brand new STP
    Just built it up today.
  • 04-02-2007

    just finished it yesterday :thumbsup:

    07 Giant XtC team frame
    06 Rock Shox Reba SL
    Truvativ Team bar,stem and seatpost
    Truvativ FireX Team cranks
    SRAM X7 triggers.FD,RD
    Avid SL levers
    Avid BB7 discs
    SRAM PG990 11-32 cogs
    SRAM PC 991 Hollow pin chain
    m540 pedals
    Alligator shifter cables/housing
    Kenda Karma 2.0 tires
    alex dp17,14g spokes,pivit SL hubs wheelsets....

    weight : 26++

    will prolly wait out a couple months to get a crossland. crossmax is just too much dough

    im thinking of getting the fork legs painted to guess what (couldnt find a silver Reba here) instead of getting a fox

    Hey Dantastic! i want your fork and wheelsets! lol :thumbsup: :p
  • 04-02-2007
    Here is my XTC its about 22lb

  • 04-05-2007
    Mr. GT
    mid 90 Giant Sedona

  • 04-05-2007

    Originally Posted by Killer Bee

    What size is that? Sweet!
  • 04-06-2007
    Looks like a 17” from the photo? ;)
  • 04-08-2007
    Cadex ALM-1

    I have nickel and dimed the updates to component's over the last decade. The last big updates were done in 98. I really want to do a new fork and headset, but I have yet to find the right price with moderate travel. The old Manitou still functions pretty well. I may also experiment with a rigid fork I have in my parts bin.

    I have a few more pics of it here:

    Oh, I almost forgot, specs:
    Manitou Mach 5 SX with speed springs
    Mavic x517 rims, dt db spokes, xt hubs
    xt vbrakes
    lx cranks with rock ring bash guard
    sachs front, shimano lx rear, derailleurs
    sachs twist shifters with ride-on cables
    2.1 ground control front, 1.9 wildgripper rear tires
    azonic orz stem
    scott vertigo bars
  • 04-12-2007
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    Giant MCMU carbon composite HT
    Just thought Iíd add some pics to this thread. (hopefully they are attached)

    I bought this bike in Feb this year, I wanted a xtc c3 but it was too expensive for me at the time. The bloke in the shop had this for nearly half price. :)

    I ride it to work every day (about 3 miles) and Iím still looking for some good trails to ride it on. It's still got the kit that was on it when I bought it but Iím looking to upgrade soon.

    I'm thinking of swapping the Rockshox Judys for some Rockshox Reba Race but i don't know if they can mount v-brakes (any advice would be nice).


    21.5 inch Giant mcmu frame
    Shimano deore lx v-brakes and gear set.
    Crane creak headset
    Shimano Deore (HB M570 VIAM) wheels
    FSA Alpha drive crank

    Although I've been riding bike since i was 5 this is my first serious bike, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to mountain biking but Iím learning fast.
    I will eventually be getting a FS bike (probably a Reign or Trance) as they are dirt cheap over here.
    Any advice about upgrades for this bike (my HT), links to a proper spec sheet (can't find one on the net, or any advice about mountain biking in Taiwan would also be appreciated. :thumbsup:

    Cheers :)
  • 04-15-2007
    Nice one
  • 04-15-2007
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    My 04' Iguana. Only stock item is the frame!!

    Attachment 252270

    Attachment 252271

    Hope Mono Mini front & rear
    Hope floating rotors
    Deore LX cranks
    XT front & rear mechs
    Thomson post
    SDG seat
    Easton EA50 bar & stem
    DMR V12s
    RS Reba SL U Turn shock
    Mavic Crossrides
  • 04-15-2007
    Okay, here are my terrible twins. I usually have a smile on my face with either of these between my legs. ;) :D

    Both bikes have gone through a number of builds. I have had the XTC for many years, and is mainly used for general trail riding / endurance racing. Iíve just finished a fresh component build, but there are still a few bits and pieces I need to finish her off. She still needs Fork / Seatpost / Pedals and that will probably be the last time I build this frame up I think. Itís been a great bike. :thumbsup:

    The STP was purchased to learn to dirt jump and ride trials on, but it spent over a year setup with clipless pedals and a 32 by 16 gear ratio to be used as a general trail bike. Its way too small, but as a result itís incredibly easy to throw around and is an absolute hoot to ride. Iíve done everything from urban drops and street riding to long trail rides, 12 hour endurance races and long road miles on this bike. :D


    The Race Rocket:

    The Play Toy: