I just recently bought a used 2006 Giant Faith. I stripped it down to clean etc, but during reassembly ran into some issues.

First is that I could not reconnect the shock to the links. It appears that the rear triangle compresses the links inwards, leaving too little space for the shock and it's bushings.
I found that by pushing the rear dropouts inwards (towards each other) slightly, I was able to get the shock to fit in between the links, because it would widen the distance between the links.

The second thing I noticed when I put my rear wheel in. The dropouts are about 5mm too wide for the wheel, so when I tighten the rear axle, it compresses the frame inwards slightly until it aligns.

Does this sound like a bent frame? Now that it is back together it still rides smoothly. I also took the shock out to check for binding, and there is none.