I have finally given up on my trance x1, great bike but needs a lot of upgrades, have done xt brakes and have just ordered a wolftooth wide/narrow so I can go 1x10.

I hate the fox 32 float 120mm that comes standard on the bike and have read that the pike is the go to fork right now.

I just dont know which one to get?

140mm solo air
150mm solo air
150mm dual postiton Air

I do a fair amount of climbing, I have a 50mm stem (flipped)
I ride a medium and am 177cm or 5'10
I ride all mountain with shuttles and big tables and gap jumps
I ride technical rooty and rocky descents
I also ride mellow single trail

If anyone has any experience or advice please chime in.

Also I have noticed people mentioning different offsets? Which offset would I need, 46mm or 51mm.

Thanks in advance