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    Maestro pivot service intervals?

    What are your habits/methods? Clean only, clean and grease? What kind of grease...etc?

    Was is the norm for a full bushing replacement? What bushing kit is the go to?

    Thanks for your input!
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    Normally I do buy a new bike before the pivots are completely shot (and leave the headache to the 2nd owner) but this time I may actually live out the bearings on my Trance SX so interested in some first hand reports too.

    I only flooded them with grease once last year (they came stock pretty empty, same with the headset) to prolong their lifespan but haven't changed out any of them so far.

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    I've had the pivot bearings on my Anthem changed out once. If there's a lot of water involved and you have to clean things out, just a couple drops of light oil should be fine, really. The gold standard for when it needs maintenance is to let all the air out of the shock or unmount the shock on one end so the linkage can move freely - then it should, in fact, move freely. If it has notchiness to it or the movement isn't smooth, then I'd have the bearings replaced.

    And here's a thought on replacing bearings. Yes, Giant makes a special tool kit with a special press set for Maestro stuff. Yes, it's expensive. In fact, my LBS had to buy one when my bearings were replaced the first time. And they ARE a Giant dealer. I've seen a couple people say they've done the work themselves using bolts and washers and such to press the bearings in - that's all well and good, but if you have a frame problem later, and Giant denies a warranty claim because the bearings were pressed in wrong - well, let's just say I'd rather have the LBS on the line for that rather than me being cheap. In other words, if you care about the warranty on your frame, get the LBS to replace the bearings for you when the time comes.

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    I replaced the pivot bearings on my '10 Trance X3 this year. Threaded rod, washers and nuts of various sizes. Went pretty smooth. One of the bearings was in very stiff and took some paint off the recess as it came out. I had some Honda white touchup paint that matched okay. Job went well and got rid of a creak I had.

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    If they're still working fine, then just clean out and repack them, if you want to extend the life, when you have the linkages apart, rotate them, change when notchy.
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    Putting in aftermarket bearings was a huge upgrade to my bike. I highly recommend replacing all the suspension bearings. I did mine after a year ~2000 miles

    Much improved ride and smoother overall.

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    My 2014 Trance SX is in need of new bearings. Replaced the DU bushing, which was not that bad, but still a bit of play. Seems to be coming from the bearings that are on the seat tube where the shock mount is attached. Everything is tightened properly, so it must be bearings.

    Will take it apart and see what is worn. Not too bad in my opinion in getting almost a full 2 years on them.

    Will report back on how much fun it was.

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