I've had the stock M505 brakes on my Giant XTC1 since I got the bike back in March. Immediately I noticed that the brakes felt quite a bit spongier with less stopping power and modulation than any other set of hydraulic brakes I've used before. I brought this up to my mechanic, who bled the brakes without any noticeable improvement.

I rode the bike for a few months, dealing with the poor braking power and feel - in hopes that I would be able to afford an upgrade to the XT's - but got fed up and had a different mechanic take a look. He bled them again and still no change...except for the fact that on my last ride, I noticed the rear felt even spongier, and when I checked the coupling at the lever, I noticed it was leaking oil.

Now, I don't think the leak was the original problem, though definitely something I now need to deal with. That being said, does anyone have any thoughts on the general feel of the brakes? I was essentially told that this was what these lower end brakes feel like, and if I wanted anything better, I needed to upgrade?

Thoughts, suggestions, etc, would be much appreciated.