Well, I have a Giant Cadex CFM-3 that I bought from a relative of mine about 4 years ago. He had owned the bike since new and had only put about 10 miles on it pretty much only riding it to his mailbox and around his property. I have only put 25 miles on it since I have owned it. So, it has at the most 40 miles on it I would guess. The bike was garage kept by him and I have kept it inside my house. Everything on the bike is origional(except for the rear brake pads which I replaced b/c they had turned hard) and is in excellent shape. Any marks the bike has on it are basically from me transporting or storing the bike. Please help me by answering the questions that I have about the bike. Here is a teaser picture and you can follow the link to see more detailed pictures.

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Here are the stats that I can gather from looking over the bike:

Frame: Giant Cadex CFM-3; Carbon & Kevlar; Carbon-Fiber-Mountain
Fork: Giant CRMO Butted
Brakes: Shimano SLR
Shifters: Shimano Deore DX
Crankset: Shimano SG C-46 & Shimano Exage LX 500 on the pedal leg.?
Handlebar: Giant I guess.
Grips: Tioga
Front & Rear Derailleurs: Shimano Deore LX
Seat: SARAE?
Seatpost: SARAE?
Wheels: ARAYA
Front Hub: Shimano Exage sealed mech. H8-RM50
Rear Hub: Shimano Exage sealed mech. FH-HG50
Tires: Tioga Mud Dawg 26x1.95 (Mitsubishi)
Stem: Giant I guess.
Headset: Tioga Avenger ST

I have a few questions. What year was this bike sold? How much did it retail for? Was it considered a high end bike? About how much does it weigh? I don't have any scales to get that number with.

I am considering selling the bike because I never ride it. How much would this bike be worth if I did decide to sell it? It is in excellent condition. There are no dents, marks, cracks, or anything wrong with the frame. It is solid and noise free. All the components are in great shape. The rear brakes need adjustment and that's all. (Something that could be done in a matter of minutes but I don't ride it and therefore haven't done it). I have seen aluminum Cadex bikes go on eBay for over $100-150. I would consider this bike to be a higher end model than an aluminum version. The carbon and kevlar on the bike is really impressive and nice. I don't know the exact frame size but I am 5'11" and it fits me just fine. So, I'm thinking maybe 17".?.

Thanks for the help. My e-mail address is Aujwe@charter.net if anyone wants to contact me with info.