i need a little help from the giant folks here - i have a 2010 trance that was the victim of theft, some dbags stole the rear shock off of it. They also stole the hardware that holds it in place.

this is what i need: Giant Trance X 08,09,10 Shock Bolt Set Only 39.00 from Pedal On However, i can not find anyone in the USA to sell this, and the giant dealer i bought the bike from is now closed down. If anyone here has a clue where i can find this please let me know!

also - im considering an xfusion O2 RCX in 7.5x2.0 with a taller top out bumper to make it 7.25x1.75. could be a cool combo if i dont go monarch rt-am... we will see, just need to get this hardware first so i can buy a new shock. thanks