I recently ordered a biking shirt from Giant's UK web site on their Click and Collect. Firstly there's no option for home delivery, only to a Giant dealer of your choice. Not ideal, but not too bad I guess. . .

But then on a Monday I get an email telling me I have just 5 days to collect the package from the dealer. In the same email they state that they can charge you 20 if the item is not collected!

I didn't see that at the top of their web page when I ordered!

Firstly, how do they expect working people to collect within such a short time-frame as 5 days?

It's frankly ridiculous. I had hoped to cycle the 16 or so miles round-trip and pick the t-shirt up one sunny weekend day - clearly not possible given their threat of extra costs!

And why 20 extra for leaving a t-shirt for a few days in a shop? Daylight robbery and an excuse to rip off customers - it wasn't as if the tone of their email was in any way courteous either.

Frankly I had decided to never buy anything from Giant again, even before I had collected and seen the shirt (for which I've now had to make a special 16 mile detour in the car instead of my pleasant cycle).

If you use Giants Click and Collect beware!
I've complained to Giant and I strongly suggest they take a look at House of Fraser and other 'Click and Collects' to see how the professionals do it. Or maybe, (just maybe) they could join the 21st century and post small web orders direct to the customer rather than to a dealer!