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Thread: Giant Warranty

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    Giant Warranty

    Now that Giant is, for some unknown reason, stepping away from 29ers what happens if I need to replace my 29er Advanced SL frame due to some warranty issue?

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    They're stepping away from 29ers? i thought they were still making them.
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    I have wondered this too. They already dropped my bike (Trance X29er) for some damned reason, and kept the anthem, even though the anthem has a known frame issue???? Next bike will be SC or Niner for me I think.

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    They usually have extra frames laying around. And they're still making 29ers. They've backed way off, but I don't see them stopping altogether for the XC stuff (Anthem, XTC) because 29ers are what XC people want.

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    If you need to replace a frame because of a warranty issue they will replace your entire bike with something comparable from their current lineup. Has to be warranty obviously though, doesn't count if you smash it.

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