hello everyone
i saw previous posts quit similar to what I'm gonna ask but couldn't get a definitive answer. so sorry for bothering.
well, i just bought that new bike and i think i need to upgrade the fork.
i am not quit familiar yet with the technical aspects of all tons of fork i've seen across the web.
ill make it simpler, lets say my top budget is around 350$ and i wanna 140mm fork. and i think i want an air fork(one that i put air in with a pressure pump)i think its better then the one i got with the bike in which i cant put air. right?
i don't know about single or dual air(dual sounds better).
in other threads about upgrading front forks for giant trance x4 i saw forum members suggesting the rockshox revelation series. but on the sram website i couldn't understand much.
i saw two other brands mentioned:marzocchi and manitou but i got the impression rockshox was better and Fox too .
any how i came across two deals :
1-RockShox Revelation RL 26in Suspension Fork 150mm 1.5in 15mm Thru White @ 280$
2- RockShox Revelation Race Dual Air Fork 140mm @ 340$
so the question is :will it blend
well kind of, my question is are they any good? which one is better and most important will they fit into my bike.

on bottom line; what is the best fork for the best price i can get for my bike .

any information would be much appreciated .