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    Giant trance rear mech hanger


    I think my rear mech hanger is bent - the read mech has taken a hit at some point, I can see damage on the cage.

    The rear mech cage is now straight but I think the mech hanger is bent.

    Does anyone have a photograph of their mech hanger please?
    The bike is a 2013.


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    I could copy you now a Google picture of a MY2013 Giant Trance hanger in this thread but what's the point? The most reliable way to assess if the hanger is bent or not is by disassemble it and lay on a flat surface not comparing pictures (they'll be all straight on that pictutes!!)

    edit: actually you don't even need to disassemble it. Remove the rear derailleur and put a screw that fits in the rear derailleur mount to check if the angle is 90 degree

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