Hi everyone,

I have a Giant Trance X1 2012 (Trance X1 (2012) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | Australia), which I've put a fair few kilometres on.

The cassette has a fair bit of axial play, as the rear hub is pretty worn. According to the specs for the bike, the rear hub is a "Giant Tracker".

I'm finding it really hard to get a replacement for this, the LBS (and all the not-so-local stores that I've called) are saying that Giant have no spares in stock for this at the moment.

Does anyone know if there are any compatible spares I can use? The people at my LBS seemed to suggest that my only options were:

a) Wait for an indeterminate amount of time for Giant to ship a spare
b) Re-spoke the whole wheel because the Tracker hub is incompatible with the other brands in terms of spoke length, etc;

Does anyone have any other suggestions?