• 01-09-2013
    Giant ATX DH TEAM Information ?
    So I just bought one of the bikes (not the atx one dh or the all black atx dh team the one in between 99/00 I think ?)
    I always wanted when I was younger, Im a retro hoarder i guess you could say but this is my main project at the moment.

    Im finding it very hard to believe that for how popular these bikes were that I can not find any information floating about on the net, things I want to know are:

    Everything about the geometry
    Shock length
    bb size
    seat post size and all the rest of the stuff that goes with trying to track pieces for such a bike.

    I have lots of older bikes and those companies reply to emails, I see on the Giant website there was not even a email address for info or customer service.

    If anyone can't point me in the right direction for what im looking at thats be great.

  • 01-22-2013
    Sorry guys revised post read above, attached is a picture of my bike, please don't take notice of the rockshox blackbox shock I put that on from another bike for the pic

  • 01-22-2013
    DiRt DeViL
    Some very basic info here.
  • 01-22-2013
    yeah i saw that info but i don't really take much from that site they have a lot of wrong information on there.

    Is there a Giant customer service email ? they have an archive the least they could do it take it further back.