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    DS 2 Warp, is this normal?

    G'day people. I was just browsing the lovely ebay GIant pages and come accross this -

    Is this thing normal? I don't know much about these bikes, but i'm pretty sure they didn't come with triple's and a swinger 6 way rear shock. I'd give it less than two good rides before the headtube was sitting on the ground!


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    hmmmm. every warp that I have seen are low entry level bikes, in the $400.00.
    Never seen one with forks with that much travel or a coil over of that size.

    The component set seems to be the same low level mix that is the norm for the warp,
    and the warp was never a DH or freeride bike.
    Someone change out the forks and coil.
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    Not normal... Warps never came with more than 100mm travel up front and nothing better than a Manitou Axel.

    I ran one with 125mm travel and it felt chopperized already... 110 seemed the max to run on that frame.

    I've seen MANY with triples, but it's not something safe or recommended.

    Warps will break at the chainstays before than the headtube... they're pretty tough... but not triple clamp material.
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    that god damn thing has a v-brake in the rear and NO BRAKE UP FRONT....HAHAHHA.
    Wow, the guy/girl who owns that must be giving Cedric Gracia a run for his money.....

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    hahaha...if you read the questions and answers he states he could not longer sell the bike because he snapped the frame.

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