Looking to swap out my rear shock on my 08 Reign for a coil. I have a Roco RC and a FOX DHX 5 I want to try.

My concern is whether the piggy back reservoir will hit the down tube upon full compression.

I installed both without the springs and cycled both, the DHX has a hairs width beneath, and the Roco just touches.

I called Fox, Marzhocci and Giant - they all said they think it would be fine, but were hesitant to give definite answer.

I've seen a few Reign's of the same year with the RC's on, but the reservoir looks a little shorter than the DHX and WC.

Does the air need to be drained from the reservoir to test full travel? I'm worried the bumper may compress more with a hard hit than my testing, and the reservoir will dent the frame. Anyone have any experience with this?