I bought an Anthem 2 frame just before Xmas and slapped on parts, doubtful of the 72 degree headangle, and hit the mine dumps. At first whole rider position felt ackward and uncomfy but after a hour or two things became better. I did however changed to a shorter stem and set my Fox F100RL's travel back to 100 mm , now we fly uphill aswell as downhill. This bike can be chucked and thrown around quite a bit, I won't take 6 feet drops with it but with the right skills imo the bike will handle it well. To all Anthem riders, play with air pressure settings as I don't use the recommended pressure, and the bike is tuned to my liking. The frame is super stiff with no noticeable flex, fast out of corners and out of saddle sprints. Can't wait for the XC season to start. Keep well all