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    An AC can go hardcore..??

    I just snapp my DeVinci and Im in the search of a new frame ... I have all the stuff form the DeVinci wich is for fat FR/DH .
    What you think about a Withe Bros. DH-3 with 3.0 Gazzaloddi and 2.6 Gazzaloddi in the rear. with all DH components in a 03 AC frame with 4 ways shock.
    Can an AC take DC fork and drops to flat (5,6,7fts.) stair gaps , dirt jump and some big stuff...I realy like the frame but I'll like to know some opinions first..
    Thanks. is a pic of my snapped DeVinci.
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    I don't think an AC frame is up to your demands. You're gonna need something heavier.

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    Obviously most riders don't give a shit, but I thought some additional info was needed.

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