I currently ride a XTC 29er that i upgraded to a x9 26/39 crankset on the 11/36 9 speed rear cassette. Before they vanish and the colours go to **** im going to snag a 2012 reign 1, it comes with a 3x10 drive train.

My question is, would you keep the racier x9 crank set and switch it over to the reign and run 2x10.. or just stay with the 3x10, more then likely dropping the big ring for a bash guard.

Im torn, im going back to a 26er because of the snappier turning and honestly just being able to through the bike around. I have been happy with the 26/39 crankset but its been tougher to do wheels manuals ect... but largely that due to the 29" wheel set.

thanks for you input,