Hi all! Tried searching the best place to ask this question but seemed this was the best place! MODS, feel free to move this post if inappropriate.

Here goes... I have a 2010 Trance X4 with the stock Giant Air shock. Been using almost every wekeend for 2 years now. this weekend, i felt something weird under my butt (read:in the rear suspension). It felt like i was bottoming out the rear shock while going downhill in our local trail. I never experienced this, nor have i experienced a problem with the rear shock in the 2 years i have been using it. I checked the rubber o-ring and it seems i am actually not bottoming out. Had the local shop check and they loosened all screws and tightened them back thinking some joints were just dirty or lose. So I give it a spin again, and same thing. But this time i realized it was bobbing way too much compared to normal. The usual 1 bounce was going haywire! PSI is set to 165ish which is my normal setting. I guess my question is if my rear shock is gone for good and needs to be replaced? Or is there hope for a repair here? Also, is there any way that the "bottoming out" i was feeling was actually "bottoming up" considering the bobbing?

Ok I will now let the experts on here decide the fate of my rear shock. Thanks in advance for the comments.