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Thread: 2009 Trance X3

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    2009 Trance X3

    One of these popped up locally. I was planning on getting a more recent 27.5 Trance for my first full suspension ride but don't know that I'm necessarily wedded to that wheel size for a mountain bike. Other than wheel size is there much difference in the design/intended use/ride quality between the Trances? Thanks a lot.


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    2009 Trance X3

    Well, I used to ride a 09 TX3. There's no diff b/t TX frames in any given year (until they went carbon, but they didn't back in 09). The parts will be the same trade off as always - the TX0 and 1 will have better parts so overall bike will be lighter, but prob won't last much longer before u need to replace stuff, at which time u can upgrade part-by-part, the way you want. When I got my 09 I immediately put my old fork (slightly more travel and adjustment) and drivetrain, and wheels on it, but it probably would have been fine for most riding as is. Now, 26 v 27.5? Don't ask me, I went to a 29.

    The thing to check on a 09 is the pivots. If the rear suspension has play, or bad creaks or crunchiness, it might need new bearings - not a job for many owners.

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