So I've been bike shopping lately (for used bikes), trying to find a bike or bikes to use after I move this summer. I'll be close enough to a bike park to ride every weekend in the summer, so I've been tossing around the idea of actually getting a DH bike. But I'm considering anything that is DH capable. I found this on my local CL:08 GIANT REIGN X1

Long travel and coil sprung bikes are rare around these parts so I'm considering this bike just because a local purchase would be easier. He's asking 1200, said bottom dollar is 1100. Initially I did not want to pay over a grand for it just because it's an older model and I don't know how long I'd use it (maybe only half a season).

Just wanted to get opinions on the bike from anyone who might own this model or similar and whether or not that's a fair deal. The ad mentions the brakes are upgraded. I see the stock bike came with Hayes Stroker Trails, which I'm completely unfamiliar with. But unless those brakes really suck I fail to see how Elixir 5's are an upgrade. Also the rear tire is a 2.1, I'd probably at least need to beef that up to a 2.3 for park riding. I'm assuming the front tire is the same, although I can't see from the pictures. Everything else looks good to go from what I can tell.

I appreciate any input.