Well, I'm looking at a 2001 Warp DS-1 with a chunk of Shimano XT stuff on it.

I was wondering if I should be wary of this frame. Supposedly this is before fluid forming and such? Any disadvantage via the frame itself? Mind you, I'm simply looking for an intro FS frame for XC and intermediate/advanced singletrack. I definitely understand that this is a pretty intro-ish bike. I'm not expecting anything incredibly impressive.

However, my main question is, what size is large via the Warp? Or what would it compare to via a normal geometry of a hard-tail? I've tried looking all over the internet and can't find actual geometry specs. I'm unsure if this would be too large for me (a normal geometry 17" or 18" hard-tail is usually a perfect fit for me, but I can do a 19". I'm about 5 foot 10, 31ish inseam.)

Thoughts on this? Good buy if it's been well-maintained? What do you think these would go for?